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Indigenous Art Gallery

Salt Lake City, UT

Mon - Thur 11am-6pm

Fri - Sun By Appointment


"Decolonization, however, does not mean and has not meant a total rejection of all theory or research or Western knowledge. Rather, it is about centering our concerns and world views and then coming to know and understand theory and research from our own perspectives and for our own purposes."

-Dr. Linda Tuhiwai Smith 

Decolonizing Methodologies

Located in the heart of Salt Lake City's art district, Lost Eden Gallery is an independent gallery exclusively dedicated to North American Indigenous art. We are steadfast and committed to bringing Indigenous voices to the forefront of interpretations, writings, and exhibitions of Oceania art and culture. As an Indigenous-owned arts and culture platform, the Gallery is focused on creating art for non-art outcomes and experiences.


At our core we are dedicated to decolonizing the arts through truth and reconciliation; the Gallery is part of a larger movement to refocus this hemisphere's perspective of American West art to include the Pacific region. We are dedicated to serving the public as a conscience and truthful conduit for this hemisphere's Indigenous cultures  - past, present, and emerging - in all their richness, depth, and diversity.​ 


A Place of Belonging



The Future of Building



Art Gallery

We embrace an innovative and creative approach in everything we do. 

We value our members and treat their trust with the greatest care. 

We build for tomorrow while remembering the traditions of our past.

Real-world Thinking 

A Caring Community

Solutions to Sustaining

We recognize the urgency to conserve and contribute to the world around us. 

We are a community where everyone belongs. 

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