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Indigenous Art Gallery

Salt Lake City, UT

Mon - Thur 11am-6pm

Fri - Sun By Appointment

Sovereign Artistry

The Gallery in Lost Eden 


The Gallery is an art platform exclusively dedicated to north American Indigenous art. The Gallery is part of a movement to refocus this hemisphere's perspective of American West art to include the Pacific region.

We practice what we preach. Lost Eden is dedicated to the


What specific problem are we solving?

Some of the biggest challenges facing today’s Indigenous Oceania art world is cultural erasure, scarcity of space to showcase art, and a steep misinterpretation of Oceania art.   


What is our solution?

In creating a premium gallery exclusive for Oceania art, the space is able cultivate the evolution of Oceanic arts and energize native economies by connecting high-end collectors to Indigenous artists.


Who is our target population? 

While Pacific Islanders have lived continuously in Utah since the 1870s, the population has seen a dramatic rise over the past decade of nearly 70%, more so than any other state in the country.


What region is our solution  headquartered?

Why Utah? Despite hosting the highest per capita population of Pacific Islanders outside of Hawai`i and Guam, the Pacific Islanders in Utah have been absent of consistent venues to display work.

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